The main purpose of the challenges is to increase CW and QRP activity in Europe, whilst having fun at the same time! We aim to help preserve the use of Morse Code on the bands and show that it is still a very viable, useful, and efficient mode of operation.

Current European challenge:  Construct the call signs of the members who participated and submitted their results in at least 10 of our challenges from June 2012 up to and including October 2017 and the number of times they participated.

For the time being there are no upcoming European challenges.

Most Recent European challenge: Construct the names of these European film directors, the title of the first film they (co-)directed and the year of production (based on an idea of Jock Irvine, N1JI)

To see details of every European chapter challenge since 2012, see the past challenges page.

1. All QSOs submitted for credit in the challenge must be 2x CW.
2. All QSOs submitted for credit in the challenge must be made using 5W or less of output power measured at the transmitter. The station worked in any QSO may be using any power level.
3. Any and all bands may be used.
4. No QSOs that have been made in any contest or sprint may be used in completing a challenge.
5. Only QSOs made with a station who was transmitting from a location within Europe at the time of the QSO may be submitted.
6. You can use each letter and cipher in a call TWICE. For example you could use MW∅MIE for 4 (=2×2) M’s, 2 W’s, 2 ∅’s, 2 I’s and 2 E’s. Subsequent QSOs with the same station may not, however, be used for additional letters.
7. Each challenge runs over the period of an entire month.
8. European and other NAQCC challenges are not mutually exclusive. Members can participate in both in any given month. Indeed the call of each station worked may be submitted for more than one NAQCC challenge.
9. Non-members are very welcome to participate in and submit their entries for NAQCC European challenges, but are not eligible for awards. They will be listed in a separate section in the results.
10. Reports must be received before 2359Z on the tenth of the month following the challenge.


One Response to Challenges

  1. John K3WWP says:

    Great challenge. I’m going to try to complete it using only EU stations. I need 35 more letters as of June 2.