August 2015 Activity Day

The chapter’s fifth activity day took place in August 2015. Five stations took part: congratulations to all!

Station Raw score Operating time/hours Normalised points Key bonus Final score
PA0XAW 312 2.5 749 1.5 1123
SM5ELV 143 2 429 1.5 644
EA1XN 474 4.5 632 1 632
MW0MIE 120 1.5 371 1 371
K1IEE 137 6 137 2 274

To ensure that stations who cannot operate for more than a small fraction of the day are not penalised, the scores were normalised using

Activity day score function

Soapbox (ordered alphabetically)


Got a good start in the early hours however after that the bands got very poor. Listened on and off all day but conditions remained poor. Did hear EU stations working each other but my QRP signal was not enough to make contact. Was fortunate to get the 5 QSO’s. Great challenge even in poor band conditions. Thanks to all 73 Dick #3966


My rig: HW-8 and I used the Heathkit keyer with it. My antenna is a long wire, aprox. 18 meters long. Spent a lot of calls to work the stations F/G6AY and OM2015TITANIC  in  the pile-ups! But got them in the end!   73, Age – pa0xaw.

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