What is the NAQCC?
The NAQCC, or North American QRP CW Club, is a worldwide society dedicated to QRP/QRPp, encouraging the use of CW and placing emphasis on the use of simple wire antennas. Membership is free and the club has over 7,000 members across 90 different countries.

Club activities include a monthly sprint, monthly challenges, regular nets and on-air activity days. Local chapters organise additional events and may even have physical meetings.

Why a European chapter?

Unsurprisingly, despite the NAQCC always being a worldwide club, the majority of its activities were historically aimed at amateurs residing in North America. The founding vision of the European Chapter was to help create a more even focus across the globe. The chapter has challenges and other activities aimed at those on this side of the Atlantic. Setting up a chapter net is on the agenda to further promote the use of QRP/CW operation in Europe.

Members of the NAQCC residing in Europe are automatically members of the chapter; it is impossible to join the European chapter without also being a member of the NAQCC. All the chapter activities are open to everyone, although only members of the NAQCC residing in Europe are eligible for awards in most of what we do.

The chapter currently has over 650 members.

History of the Chapter
The NAQCC began accepting member applications on 15th October 2004 and had already seen applications from hams in Europe by the time the member count reached 10. The European chapter was not started until August 2010, following suggestions from John K3WWP. The first chapter activity was held in September of that year. The first European challenge followed almost two years later in June 2012.

Assistance needed

We need people to fill the following roles to help expand the chapter:

  • Newsletter contributors – to write about anything (radio-oriented) that you think will be of interest to members. If you don’t natively speak English, don’t let this discourage you from volunteering – we will proofread and help you with whatever you write. This is a vitally important role and we really need volunteers in this area.
  • Translators – Currently, the chapter is only really accessible to those who can speak English, at least at some level, despite one of the main advantages of CW operation being the elimination of the language barrier. We need volunteers who would be able to translate the website and newsletter into their own language.
  • News manager – to manage news from members and the news section on the website
  • Calendar manager – to enter chapter events (sprints, challenges, nets, etc) into our calender and liaise with the managers of contest calendars.
  • Publicity – to publicise the chapter and its events
  • Net manager – to start and control a regular chapter net.

Each of these roles could be sensibly split between several members and are all incredibly important in the process of growing the chapter. If interested in any of them, please contact us.

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